A Spartan's Great Battle

John is fighting, but he is not fighting alone.

Join us in fighting John's epic battle against the ultimate enemy.

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Latest update Tuesday 24/05/2022 - Check out our Champion's latest video update.

Looking at you, Ozone Treatment!

John is now looking at receiving Ozone Treatment to assist with the results his Chemo is after.

John's fourth round of Chemo is up, so Easter Sunday, Monday and Tuesday afternoons might be a bit difficult for our Champion. If you would like to send a support message, that will be very welcome!

The whole point of this website, this facebook page and this Givealittle campaign is to help John with his fight against cancer and time.

Givealittle Campaign

Our Give a little campaign for John is live

The whole point of this website, this facebook page and this Givealittle campaign is to help John with his fight against cancer and time.

The reality of John's condition is grim. His chances are not good. But John remains positive and hopeful. And so do we. If anyone can fight this, that person is John.

We have created a Givealittle campaign with the intention of helping John finish his dream home and live in it. This campaign will also help pay for medical expenses that are not covered by the health system and is intended to help John's wife Christelle financially.

Givealittle campaign

You know him as a Spartan. Or maybe as a Gaul. He is much more...

"John is that stranger you meet one day who makes your whole day with just a comment or a smile. He has an impossible ability to make you feel better. I have been with John through some pretty intense situations, and I can't explain just how glad I am he was there for me. Now it's time for us to be there for him."

Julian Z - One of John's Spartans

To his family John is our golden child. To his friends he is the most amazing, selfless soul we know.

Ani King - Spartan General - John's Sister

Spartan Wall

Become a Spartan. Join the Ludus.

John fights with support. This is our Ludus. You can join the Ludus through our Contact page.

John King - Rhaskos Himself

This is our Champion. Our Gladiator. He is doing the heavy lifting. We are all here to support his epic battle.

Christelle King - Spartan Queen

Christelle is our Champion's Number 1. She is John's own Champion.

Ani King - Spartan General

Ani is our Spartan General, she leads the troops and is behind organising all efforts to help our Champion gladiator.

Tracy S - Spartan Treasurer

Tracy managed the earliest campaign for John's family and managed to organise friends and family early on to help as soon as possible.

Julian Z - Southern Spartan

Julian fights with the Southern Legion, alongside his right hand Maximus. Down there they are ready to receive a victorious Rhaskos for a holiday in the southern countryside.