John. Ioane. Rhaskos. Husband. Dad. Brother. Spartan.

When John was told he was facing 95% chance of losing his battle, his response was "At least I have a 5% chance to win". This is who he is.

Do you have a favourite memory of you and John? Let us know through our Contact page so we can post it to the Spartan Wall for John to read when the fighting gets tough.


This is what is going on...

Our Spartan is fighting for his life

Just before Auckland Anniversary Weekend 2022, our brother and friend John became very unwell and was diagnosed with Adenocarcinoma Cancer of the Pancreas and other organs.

Chemotherapy started on 03/03/2022. At this stage, John's diagnosis is terminal and chemo is meant to slow down the aggressive growth of our Champion's cancer.

This has come as a huge shock. John has always been fit, healthy and full of life and remains hopeful that a miracle can happen. You probably know John, so you know his hope is real.

John and his wife Christelle have sacrificed a lot over the past 6 years in pursuit of a dream. They put their life savings into building a new home and intended to continue to work on it over the next two years.

But the pride and happiness surrounding this project were struck down. 6 weeks after moving into their home, total devastation hit with John's diagnosis. They have had to reassess their priorities.

John has always been a fighter. You might know him from his role as Rhaskos in all four seasons of the amazing TV show Spartacus. Or perhaps you have worked with him as a Corrections Officer or a Personal Trainer. Or maybe he did your lawns, or gave you a ride. However you may know him, if you have met John you know the quality of person he is. He is positive, warm, funny, welcoming, charming and overall an amazing human being. It will come as no surprise to you that he remains hopeful despite his diagnosis. He is fighting hard and stays positive.

So to help John, our family and friends have decided to get together and raise money and support for our Spartan and his battle against cancer and time. At this stage, the intention for all funds is to cover medical expenses that are not covered by the public system.

John is keeping us all up-to-date through his Facebook page.

On behalf of John and Christelle we want to say thank you. We truly appreciate the love and support we have and continue to receive.

You can also visit this Givealittle page if you want to contribute financially, or visit our 'How can I help?' page for other ways to help.

How can I help?


Here are some pictures of our Champion for you to delight you eyes.

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