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Rhaskos Update

Back in Hospital to get drained 3rd time from my abdominal area

Rhaskos Update

Reset to drain 5l of fluid from my abdominal

Rhaskos Update

A Spiritual healing process to embrace my journey

Rhaskos Update

CT Scan results 💪

Rhaskos Update

Bugs for lunch 🦞🦀🍤
Loving the braai 👌

Rhaskos Update
2022-05-08 Mothers' Day

Vitamin C treatment!

Rhaskos Update

Round 5 of chemo and getting stronger  💪🏻

Rhaskos Update

My 1st CT scan update to follow Thank you for all the prayers and positive thoughts 🙏

Rhaskos Update

Road trip to Kerikeri to see a Doctor about Alternative medicine ❤️👍

Rhaskos Update

Good energetic day to help our community in Onewhero ⛳❤️

Easter Rhaskos Update

Sending our blessings to all during this Easter weekend ❤️🙏🥰

A message for the MECF Troops

A shout out for the Spartans at MECF 🥰 💪💪💪💪💪💪

Rhaskos Update 2022-04-08


Rhaskos Update 2022-04-07

A catch up with some details of our Champion's health care 🥰 

Rhaskos Update 2022-04-04

Golfing out in the fog 🏌️ 😊

Rhaskos Update 2022-04-01 *

Some golf news for the troops 🥰 🏌️

Rhaskos Update 2022-04-01

Third round of chemo is all done. Our Champion, ever humble, thanks doctors, nurses, workers and volunteers 🥰

Rhaskos Update 2022-03-29

"Bring on the third round!" stated as a true warrior.

Rhaskos Update 2022-03-26

Feeling blessed <3

Rhaskos Update 2022-03-24

A second wind! Water blasting the castle and sharing the love.

Rhaskos Update 2022-03-17

Our leader challenges our perspective and teaches us to focus our energy and thoughts in those things that really matter.

Rhaskos Update

Our Champion offering some blessed words to his troops.